■ The latest Korean trend items

Nanostudio is a men's Korean fashion brand produced by MEN'S (@korean_fashion_media), a Korean trend media with 20,000 followers on Instagram . We carry items carefully selected by our editorial department who are familiar with the latest Korean trends.

■ Thorough quality control

In order to deliver one piece of clothing that can be worn by customers for a long time, we visually check each piece and carry out thorough quality control.

■ Reliable customer support

If you have any concerns or concerns from before purchase to after purchase and delivery, our Japanese staff will always respond within 24 hours. If you have any problems, please contact us from the link below.


It usually takes about 10 to 20 days for your order to be delivered. (Subject to change depending on item availability.)

If there are any defects, please contact us .

Please note that changes in size and color are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Please check your spam folder first.

If you do not have it, please contact us by setting the domain to "info@nanostudio-official.com" and attaching the ① email address ② name used for the inquiry .


You can change your order within 1 business day after placing your order.


You can change your order within 2 business days after placing your order.

If the above period has passed, no changes can be made.

▶︎ ① Your name ② Please fill in your order number (#4 digits) and contact us .